Office Mode

Scan to PDF with Z-Scan2Send Office Mode

PDF easy mode

Paperwork was yesterday! With our scanning software Z-Scan2Send, you have your documents under control. With a few clicks, you can scan a document and then archive it or send it as PDF or TIFF.

Z-Scan2Send in Office Mode

Once the software is configured, it is very easy to perform the basic recurring tasks with one mouse click, such as scanning documents, creating PDFs, zipping, sending, and saving.

Scan to PDF

Office Mode makes it even easier

The Office Mode gives you a simplified user interface of Z-Scan2Send. In this mode, repetitive tasks in your everyday office work are done faster and more efficiently.

Scan to PDF, saving and sending become a simple matter and you save time.

PDF easy mode

The program interface of Z-Scan2Send Office Mode is designed to let you reach the most important functions with a single click.

Features in the Office Mode

  • Scan and save as PDF or TIFF
  • Scan and zip
  • Scan and e-mail
  • Scan and fax delivery
  • Copy documents

PDF Expert Mode

Z-Scan2Send offers even more functionality

In some situations, it is important to post-process the scanned documents. Our program offers advanced features especially for post-processing of individual files for archiving or sending. The full range of features is available in Z-Scan2Send's Expert Mode. Here you can import and export files and process them for future use. The Expert Mode also offers the complete functionality of the Office Mode.

In Expert Mode, you can send existing PDF / TIFF / ZIP files by e-mail, FTP, and fax, and the software also offers a convenient archiving feature and inbox for newly scanned documents.

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