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In addition to document and receipt scanning, Z-Scan2Send can also be used for quickly digitizing your incoming mail. Scanning mail and processing it digitally can severely speed up the work flow in your company and make it more efficient. This method is already used by many larger companies and institutions.

The mail arrives every day and that means a lot of work: every letter must be opened, read and put into the correct drawer.

If everything is digitized, however, it can simply be made available in the company network by the mailroom of the company and can be electronically delivered to the responsible employee in a matter of seconds.

Digitized Inbox

Digital Mail Management

The daily mail arrives at the correct workplace quickly and securely. The conventional way of sorting and distributing by hand is a very time-consuming job.

If the inbox is digitised, a new and more efficient mail management becomes possible and the document flow is sped up.

After the mail digitizing with Z-Scan2Send, the documents can be distributed electronically to any employee or even be made available for several departments, possibly located in different cities.

Digital mail management helps save costs and time and also assures that all important documents are automatically archived by default. Also, reaction times are reduced and team work is supported.

Storage Requirements for Business Correspondence

For commercial and tax reasons, incoming business letters and mail must be stored for six years and receipts and financial documents must be stored for ten years in graphical form (image file). The corruption or falsifiability must be prevented, for example by using digital signatures.

Constant Availability of Mail

The digitized inbox is always accessible. This method of mail management has several advantages. For example, you don't have to find large physical file folders from a closet for a specific process. The relevant letters stays in your inbox until the case is finished, e.g. until the bill has been payed.

This makes work more transparent and easier to monitor. It also minimizes the risk that mail is left unprocessed or is lost.

Digital Mail Management

Z-Scan2Send supports the Digital Mail Management

Posteingang scannenYou don't need to hire a whole service company to deal with your daily incoming mail.

The mail is simply scanned with Z-Scan2Send and is then electronically distributed by an employee. Depending on how the company network is set up, the digitised mail can either be put into a certain folder with access rights for the relevant employees, or it can be sent directly to the right workplaces, or it can be put on a server with an internet connection to share it across sites.

This method of mail management also allows to make any mail directly available for backups. This way, the whole correspondence is protected from any kind of emergency, theft, fire, water etc.

Data Protection and Privacy of Correspondence

The contents of letters are sensitive data. It is very important to ensure that the content is protected from unauthorized access. For that case, Z-Scan2Send offers a secure password protection for confidential documents.

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