Datensicherung mit Z-DBackup

PDF Backup – It's good to have one!

Today, whole companies are dependent on computers. Some exist only through computers. Therefore, a data loss can have devastating effects. And it doesn't cost anything to protect yourself from data loss: Z-DBackup is our professional backup program which can be used free of charge.

Users with recent backups can always be found on the relaxed side of life. Virus attacks, hard disk failure or even theft of the whole computer cannot throw them off the course. In case of emergency, it takes only a few minutes and all valuable files are restored to the system.

PDF Backup with Z-DBackup

Z-DBackup allows the user to create copies of his or her data on any kind of external medium. The main goal of Z-DBackup is to protect from accidental data loss, e.g. through accidental deletion or defective hardware. The software has a very rich set of features, such as support for automatical backups, a variety of backup methods, target mediums and more.

Backup Software

With a few clicks to a professional backup. Z-DBackup is a backup program that can easily, quickly, and reliably back up large sets of data to any kind of target drive, such as NAS, USB hard disk, tape drive, USB stick, server storage and many more.

Its network capabilities make Z-DBackup the ideal backup software – for professional use as well as for home users.

Z-DBackup is controlled with Backup Sets. Up to 99 backup sets can be created. Each backup set has options for the target drive, files and directories to back up, password protection/encryption, compression, automatical backup schedules and more. These settings are saved, so you can run the same backup the next time with only one mouse click!

Besides the creation of compressed backup archives (in the professional version also with optional 265 bit AES encryption), Z-DBackup can also create 1:1 file copies of files and directories.

The program supports a variety of different backup methods and strategies, such as incremental, differential or chronological (generational) backups. It can also be used for mirroring data or synchronizing directories.

Z-DBackup includes an easy-to-use wizard that guides you step by step through the backup set creation.

Z-DBackup More info about Z-DBackup here!

Backup to FTP server via FTP/FTPS and SFTP

Z-DBackup is a modular backup system. The integrated tool Z-FTPcopyII supports FTP backups up to 4 GB in size.

Freeware Software

If you want to use the programs Z-DBackup and Z-FTPcopyII commercially (in companies, organizations or institutions) or obtain access to advanced features, you must register the program with us, i.e. buy the professional version from us.

Z-DBackup can manage up to 99 backup sets in the professional version. There are no limitations regarding number of files or total file size in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Use the 256 Bit AES encryption to protect your confidential data!

Download Download the Freeware Version of Z-DBackup

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