Digital signatures for PDF documents

PDF-Dokumente digital signieren

The Portable Document Format (PDF) allows its users to electronically sign documents according to ISO standards. This means that a digital signature, created from a unique personal cryptographical certificate, is embedded into the PDF file.

It prevents unauthorized manipulation to the document and proves its authenticity. Therefore, author and user of signed PDF documents can be sure that it was indeed created by the author and has not been tampered with by someone else. The standardized digital signature is in many cases as valid as a hand-written signature and can be used for professional secure document exchange.

The signing procedure for PDF documents works according to the PKIX 11 procedure (shell model). In addition to the certificate, some other details of the signature can be viewed by the user and changes to the document can be traced. Also, the author can grant specific rights to other users, such as changing the content in certain ways. If the terms of the signature were violated, it automatically becomes invalid, so that every future user can see that it is not an original document anymore.

Electronic Signature

Sign PDF documents with Z-Scan2Send

PDF documents can be digitally signed on creation with Z-Scan2Send for professional use. Once the certificate file path is entered in the program options, any new document can be signed with a signature created from this certificate.

The certificate itself must be obtained from a certificate authority (CA), which is usually possible via internet. The certificate must be formatted according to the PKIX11 standard.

PDF signieren

Z-Scan2Send uses an invisible signature which is not actually shown in your documents, but can be viewed in Adobe Reader when the PDF file is loaded.

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