PDF E-Mail Sending

E-Mail Versand

There are two options for sending PDF e-mails with Z-Scan2Send.

E-Mail Sending with Standard E-Mail Client

If a e-mail client program, such as Microsoft Outlook, is installed on the computer, it can be used with Z-Scan2Send for sending mails.

The external program is called from within Z-Scan2Send. You only have to enter the recipient's address, subject line and message body.

Standardised E-Mail with Z-Scan2Send

For sending standardised e-mails with Z-Scan2Send, you have to specify an SMTP server to be used for the mail transfer. Once the program is configured, it can send PDF e-mails on its own.

Standardisierter E-Mail Versand

Z-Scan2Send uses predefined message templates for message title, subject, message body and complimentory clause. You can also make individual edits to the message before you send it. The program can store infinitely many e-mail addresses.

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