Scan and fax with Z-Scan2Send

scanning and faxing

An end to the paperwork. In modern times, it often makes no sense to work with paper any more. The documents for the accountant or simple letters are much easier and cheaper to send electronically.

Fax from your computer

Z-Scan2Send lets you use your installed fax printer or multifunction device (scan, print, fax) to send scanned documents directly from the software.

Sending faxes made easy

The scan templates can be directly scanned with a single click and are then passed to the installed fax printer.

Scanning and Faxing

Scanning and faxing with Windows Vista

The Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions come with integrated support for digital faxes directly from your computer. You can manage and send faxes with the built-in fax and scan software.

Windows Scan & Fax

Z-Scan2Send can automatically use Windows Fax & Scan to send your scanned documents by fax.

Faxing with the FRITZ!Box

Faxing with Z-Scan2Send and the FRITZ!Box

Sending faxes without a fax machine: The FRITZ!Box makes it possible. A new firmware update gives your FRITZ!Box the capability to send faxes directly. Once the FRITZ!Box fax feature is configured, faxes can be sent via an ISDN system. You can manage your documents with Z-Scan2Send, prepare your faxes and then pass them to the FRITZ!Box fax service with just one mouse click.

Faxing with a Fax Printer

Z-Scan2Send and fax printer

If your fax printer or multifunction device is connected to your local network, you can use it to send faxes from any workstation on the network. The fax device can be accessed from any network client once the driver is installed.

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