Z-Scan2Send Scanner Software

PDF Scanner Software

With the PDF Scanner Software Z-Scan2Send you can quickly and easily scan documents and save them as PDF or TIFF files, and optionally as compressed ZIP files.

Scanner Types

The software contains extensive settings for scanners supporting the TWAIN interface. Scanners with ADF (automatic document feed) support can also be used with Z-Scan2Send.

The Software is perfectly suited for use with multifunction devices (scan, fax, copy, print) for Windows XP to 10 and Windows Server 2016

Using the PDF Scanner Software

Z-Scan2Send is designed to be compact and clear. Navigating through the program interface, from the scan to the complete file, is very easy. We also offer video tutorials, online help and a PDF manual.

PDF Scanner

Office Mode

Z-Scan2Send has two graphical user interface modes: the normal ("expert") user interface which offers access to all program features, and a stripped-down user interface which we call "office mode" which offers one-click access to the features which are used most frequently in an office environment, and therefore helps to speed up recurring tasks.

Software Features

Scanner Software Features

  • Scan to TIFF
  • Multipage TIFF
  • Scan to PDF
  • Multipage PDF
  • PDF password protection/encryption
  • Automated e-mail delivery
  • SFTP/FTP/FTPS transfers
  • Fax sending
  • Log file
  • OCR text recognition
  • PDF sign
  • ZIP support
  • ZIP password protection/encryption (256 bit AES)
  • Self-extracting ZIP archives (SFX)
  • Automatic file naming
  • Empty page recognition
  • ADF (automatic document feed) support
  • TWAIN compatible

PDF Software Features

PDF scanner software

Password Protection for PDF and ZIP Files

Confidential documents can be protected with a password. Z-Scan2Send offers several encryption security levels.

Batch Processing

Depending on the scanner, up to 50 documents can be scanned and processed in one step.

It is possible to append or delete pages in existing PDF files. Thus, Z-Scan2Send can be used to edit existing PDF files.

Send PDF by E-Mail

The scanner software can send the created PDF/TIFF/ZIP files as e-mail attachments via a built-in e-mail interface.

You have two options: Using the integrated e-mail functionality within Z-Scan2Send or using an external e-mail program like Microsoft Outlook.

Send PDF by Fax

If you have a combined scanner/printer/fax device, you can send your scanned documents by fax: Z-Scan2Send has a built-in fast fax sending feature for use with an installed fax printer.

PDF FTP Transfer

The created PDF/TIFF/ZIP files can be copied to a server via the integrated FTP interface. Encrypted FTP connections with SFTP/FTPS are supported by Z-Scan2Send.

PDF Document Archiving

Old files which are no longer in common use can be moved into an archive. This helps to ease certain operations and maintain a good overview over your files.

OCR Text Recognition

Z-Scan2Send contains a fast and effective OCR (optical character recognition) for scanned documents.

Shareware Version

Shareware demands fairness from the customer: If you want to use a program beyond its evaluation period, you must register the program, i.e. purchase a key to unlock the program from the author or an authorized dealer.

Z-Scan2Send is activated via e-mail; the serial number of your hardware is transmitted and saved for reasons of copy protection. A license is valid for one operating system on one machine and is coupled to the hardware.

* Download Z-Scan2Send Shareware Version

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