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The digitalization of documents, such as letters, bills and receipts, is becoming more and more important, because it makes archiving and transport of documents easier. Z-Scan2Send is a good choice to digitalize your documents, and contains features to, for example, automatically send bills and receipts to your accountant.

PDF for Bills and Receipts

The PDF format is very well suited for electronic storage of important financial documents, e.g. for electronic proof by records and documents with your accountant. Z-Scan2Send's quick scan-to-PDF feature can scan your documents and send them via e-mail or FTP.

In addition to the speedup, you save costs on processing and shipping.

PDF as a Universal Document Format

The PDF format has established itself over the years as a reliable and versatile format for electronic newspapers, magazines, booklets, brochures, etc. Z-Scan2Send makes it easy to process paper documents for use on web sites.

In few steps, the original is scanned and transformed into a PDF file. You can adjust the scan quality to your needs – from a low-resolution draft to a high-res document to be printed and published.

Scan to PDF and Security

PDF files can be encrypted with a 128 bit AES key to protect the contents from unauthorized access. You can assign a password which is then needed to view the contents of the file.

Scanner Software

Scan to PDF Software

The program Z-Scan2Send is perfect for easy PDF creation from paper documents. It integrates control features for your scanner and PDF editing features.

Furthermore, you can send standardized or individual e-mails or send files via FTP with the built-in web functionality. You only need to configure the e-mail and FTP settings once and can re-use the same settings later with only one mouse click.

Scan to PDF and Z-Scan2Send

The conventional way is to scan the paper with one application, convert it to PDF with another application and maybe send it with a third application. With Z-Scan2Send, you can scan your documents, edit them, save them as PDF and send them automatically.

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