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The scanned documents can be sent to a FTP server with the built-in FTP/SFTP/FTPS functionality.

Built-in FTP Features:

  • up to 20 server profiles scan to web
  • Transfer volume up to 4 GB per file
  • Keep-Alive firewall option
  • Incremental upload
  • Transfer log file
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • FTPS – FTP over SSL
  • SFTP – Secure FTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

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Once the software is set up, you can save your scans and send them to a server with one click.

Scan to PDF to web

FTP File Transfers

There are different options for using FTP for file transfers to a server:

  • FTP

    This is an insecure protocol; your login information and data transfers are not encrypted. This protocol should only be used in a local network!

  • FTPSe (explicit)

    Sometimes also called FTP/S, FTP-SSL or Explicit FTPS. There are two variants: The insecure variant encrypts only the control channel, that is, for example, user name and password. The secure variant also encrypts all data traffic. Please note that the secure variant is considerably slower due to the effort for the encryption. For security reasons, Z-Scan2Send supports only the secure variant.

  • FTPSi (implicit)

    Basically the same as the FTPS variants. You should select this option if you use an older FTP server with an SSL wrapper.

  • SFTP

    Short for "Secure File Transfer Protocol". SFTP ensures a secure data transfer with an encrypted data stream. This protocol encrypts everything with SSH, so that no login info, files or anything else are readable for intruders. We recommend to use this FTP mode.

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