Scan to ZIP

Scan to ZIP

You can use Z-Scan2Send to create ZIP archives from your scanned documents or other PDF files.

A ZIP archive is very suitable for transport via e-mail or FTP, because many files can be sent in one compressed archive.

Send ZIP via E-Mail or FTP

Z-Scan2Send supports automatic uploads of files to FTP servers (also with secure connections) and e-mail transfer.

Encryption/Password Protection

The encryption feature of Z-Scan2Send ensures that no unauthorized persons can access your confidential data. If you want to encrypt your ZIP archives, you can specify a password which is then used to encrypt the files. The original content of an encrypted files cannot be recovered unless the correct password is entered.

ZIP Security

ZIP Encryption Methods

The scanner software Z-Scan2Send offers two different encyption methods for ZIP archives:

  • AES encryption: The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the result of a three-year public tender of the US standardization authority NIST (National Institute of Standards), after which the so-called Rijndael encryption method was introduced as the Federal Information Processing Standard.

    Z-Scan2Send supports AES encryption on two different levels of security: 128 bit and 256 bit AES. These bit values are the sizes of the key that is used to encrypt the data. The 256 bit AES encryption is more secure than the 128 bit AES encryption, but both of them offer a much higher security than the traditional PKZIP 2.04 standard method. An advantage of the 128 bit AES encryption is that it takes a little less time to encrypt and decrypt a file.

    The safety of your data does not only depend on the efficiency of the encryption method, but also on your password. The length and composition of the password play a role here, as do the measures that you take to keep it secret from unauthorized persons.

    Please note that the extension of the ZIP format that is used for saving AES encrypted files is not supported by older ZIP programs, and that AES encrypted ZIP files can not yet be handled by most other compression programs.

  • PKZIP 2.04 standard encryption: This older encryption method provides some protection against access by unauthorized persons, because the files contained in an archive that is encrypted with this method can only be extracted after the password has been entered. However, the PKZIP 2.04 encryption format is rather insecure and will not withstand a deliberate attack with specialized tools for password detection.

    The PKZIP 2.04 encryption does not suffice to protect really confidential data in an adequate way. If your data demands for a high level of security, you should use the AES encryption method described above.

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