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IMU Service and Support

We would like to point out that our support is offered within our means voluntarily and free of charge and is not part of the purchased product. Therefore, an occasional delay in processing time may occur. There is no legal entitlement to free service and support.

Please understand that the software cannot always please everyone in every way. With more than 35,000 users, we choose the conventionally best way to make our products user friendly.

There are some restrictions on some systems that cannot always be taken into account. Thus, individual software components from different software vendors may impair the functionality of our software.

Dispatch Inquiries

Questions about Ordering and Shipping

You can order our software via Share*it! from our download page.

If you have ordered at Share*it! and are having any troubles with your order you can send an email to

Software Registration

Registration and Activation of Z-Software

If you have ordered at Share*it!, please send the registration data to

The registration data consists of:

Name or company name
Zip code and location
Serial number
Invoice number (Share*it! reference number)

Please note that the software mentioned above is licenced per computer/operating system and can therefore not be used on another computers.
The Serial number is generated by the software in the program settings under the program on license tab.

Support Inquiries

Questions on technical or software-related problems

Please read the online help and the software manual first. Also make sure that you have updated your software to the current version. In most cases, the problem is already fixed in a new version.

If you don't find any help, please send an e-mail/ticket with a detailed error description, error number, error text, description of how the error occurred etc.

We also need the log file from the software, as well as any information about your computer system (operating system, service packs, special features, memory, processor etc.). You can also help us with a screen shot of the error, where applicable.

Please zip all attachments, because otherwise they will be treated as spam by our support ticket system. In this way, we can help you as quickly as possible. The more specific you are, the sooner a solution is in sight.

Send us an e-mail to or use our ticket system at Ticket-System.

It can take a few days before we get back to you. We also offer telephone support, but only in German.

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